A great group of passionate volunteers makes the San Francisco Yellow Bike Project work like a well-oiled machine. With volunteer time, parts, money and expertise, we’re driving a revolution that’s putting more recycled, repurposed bikes on the streets of San Francisco.


The Board

Founder / Director Mary Kay Chin
Mary Kay Chin’s first bike experience involved a steep San Francisco hill and a very worried parent. Having grown up in the Bay Area, Mary Kay’s relationship with bikes started in childhood but returned in force during her undergrad at Mills College in Oakland. In the following years in Oakland, her biking started mildly enough with daily commuting but slowly grew to triathalons and racing. Eventually, during grad school, Mary Kay stumbled upon a job with Cycles of Change. She worked at Cycles of Change as an instructor and cycling educator in an after school program in a central Oakland middle school. Although Mary Kay spent the years following grad school working as a therapist, she never strayed very far from cycling–whether volunteering with the SF Bike Coalition or SF Bike Party. In 2011 Mary Kay jumped at the opportunity to help her friend, Nathan Woody start a Yellow Bike Project here in the Bay.
Founder / Director Nathan Woody
Nathan Woody started riding bikes in San Jose at the early age of 5. From building his first BMX bike to pedaling over the Alps, a passion for two wheels has burned within him. Being a cyclist, he wanted to learn more about how his bike worked and to become a mechanic as well. This led him to the Austin Yellow Bike Project, where he started out sorting parts and later joined the collective as a shop coordinator teaching others the skills he had learned. That’s the expertise he now brings to SFYBP: teaching others the transformative power of the bicycle from the inside out.
Director Terence Tse
Terence’s love of cycling started with a cross-country bike trip from Baltimore to San Francisco after college – riding with a self-supported student group and raising money to support young adults with cancer. With no road cycling experience, and certainly no bike mechanic experience, learning to operate the bicycle was just as much of an adventure as the journey itself. Upon arriving in San Francisco, he immediately fell in love with the city and moved there shortly after. Looking for an opportunity to be a part of the community and cultivate bike knowledge, he began volunteering with Yellow Bike in 2013. He’s loved it ever since and has been fortunate enough to be a part of the organization’s growth throughout the years (It’s fair to say his mechanic skills have greatly improved as well). Drop in during a community shop night or during an open-shop event and you might even catch him sharing some homebrew.
Director Alex Ruiz
Alex Ruiz is a tax lawyer and has been working in San Francisco for the past 10 years. Alex has experience working with several nonprofit organizations throughout his career. He helped form and obtain tax-exempt status for Yellow Bike and has provided on-going counsel. Alex and his family ride bikes throughout the city for commuting, partying, and hanging out at various parks and beaches.

Staff Members

The San Francisco Yellow Bike Project is staffed by Harry Schulz, Rezz Rezz, and Rich Behrens.


The San Francisco Yellow Bike Project is a grassroots, pop-up, do-it-yourself, community-building machine that brings dead bikes back to life and puts more city dwellers on two wheels. The work we do wouldn’t be possible without our many volunteers who we greatly appreciate. If you’d like to join us and put your skills to good use or learn new skills, come by the office any time during regular hours or email us at